How Much Do Breast Implants Really Cost?

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You’ve heard it a thousand times: You get what you pay for.  With prices ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 and up, how much do breast implants really cost?  Let’s take a look at a few factors.

How much to implants really cost

Interestingly, your geographic location plays a huge role in how much your breast implants will cost.  Just like the cost of living and income levels vary from city to city, so do breast implant quotes.  Obviously, locations in New York and California will generally have higher than average costs associated with breast augmentation due to demand and local economic influences, whereas less populated and less metropolitan areas usually offer a lower price.  However, keep in mind that physicians practicing breast augmentation on a regular basis in these metropolitan areas, although perhaps priced slightly higher, may offer the advantage of extensive experience from performing these procedures consistently and subsequently provide a better end result.

Will your breast augmentation include silicone or saline?  Silicone is the preferred method and higher quality breast implant and thus, your cost will reflect this.  You can expect your saline breast implants to be approximately half of the cost of a silicone augmentation.  It is generally accepted that silicone breast implants provide a more natural look and feel versus a saline breast implant, and have a lower rate of developing scar tissue.  The benefits of saline breast implants over silicone are the ease in which size can be adjusted, as well as the ability to recognize when you have developed a hole or tear in the implant shell.  Silicone versus saline breast implants is an ongoing and ever-changing argument in the medical community.  Our advice:  consider your options and do your research because cheaper isn’t always better.

Have you considered all of the ancillary costs of a breast augmentation procedure?  Oftentimes, many women hear the baseline price for breast implant surgery and forget about the numerous secondary charges associated with such a procedure, including anesthesia costs, recovery costs, medication costs, check-up costs, and more.  Breast implant surgery is not a one-time fee.  If you truly want to know how much breast implants really cost, you should consider reviewing all of the details and costs with your physician, including pre and post-procedure expenses – before signing on the dotted line.